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Two weeks ago, ESO Festivals hosted the first ever server-wide festival for Aldmeri faction mainly- NA server.

To plan the event, ESO Festivals found several guilds to sponsor events, donate prizes, and promote the event.  Here are some activities that took place:

5pm, Fashion Show Hosted By Old Timer’s Guild

Contestants marched in front of viewers with their finest gear.

I was unable to get a list of the winners, mainly because the Old Timers did not put their full names in chat.  Please do this next time!

Fashion Show Contestants

Some of the Contestants

6pm- Lore Trivia hosted by Akear

1,500g was given to each person who won a round of the game.  3k was given to @Blosmer who won the first round of the game, and 5000g was also given to @Blosmer for answering the most questions.

There was also a Linked-in Sentences contest- a competition to see who could, using 2 items minimum, create the most funny sentence or phrase using 2 items linked in chat.

7pm- Riddle Contest hosted by ESO Festivals and Akear

A sample question:

“What force and strength cannot get through, I, with a gentle touch, can do;
And many in these twisted halls would stand, Were I not, as a friend, at hand…”

(answer: a key)

8pm- RP Play, “The Lusty Argonian”, hosted by Blue Skooma

The beginning of the play, photo by Elridge

9pm- Naked Cliff Diving held by The Order Of The Eagle

Guests left Marbruk at 9pm to head to a waterfall cliff nearby.  All contestants had to stand at the top of the cliff, and the judge (me) stood at the bottom.

After the jump, photo by Elridge

Whoever jumped the closed to me would be the winner, but we had a tie the first round.  After the jump-off, winner Arisel won 5000g.

10pm- Server Auction held by Blue Skooma

The Blue Skooma auction is a weekly event that was incorporated into the festival.

This happens every Saturday, and any Aldmeri may send @Datbokeh an item to auction off.  You post in the mail what the desired starting amount is (if your desired starting point is too close to the actual price of the item it will be returned to sender, gotta leave room for bidding, you might make less then normal price, you might make more).  Title the mail “Live Auction.”

The Blue Skooma guild takes a 10% commission of the sale, and they mail you your winnings the day after the event takes place.


All events took place in Marbruk except the cliff diving, which was NE of Marbruk.  Prizes were given for almost everything.  It was a great day for the Aldmeri!

Stay tuned for info about more upcoming ESO Festivals.