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Recently my guild, <The Order of the Eagle>, held two separate events involving contests.  All three contests gave gold as the prize.

The first contest was a horse race across Auridon.  We picked this zone because of the varied levels of players in our guild and to avoid phasing.  Player Mysterious_Melon won, mostly due to his 61% speed horse!  It was a close finish though.

Before the race

On Saturday we held a guild party/social for guildies to hang out with one another.  I am still trying to work events like this out in Elder Scrolls Online since the game is missing a lot of fun things to do for social and role-playing (such as you might find in other games like WOW).  However, we did hold two contests.

Where’s the party?

The first contest was a “best gear look.”  I picked someone not participating to judge, although having a non-guildie judge would be a good idea as well.  The winner was Sjormos, who wore an armor set. *

This got him 2000g

* Note this post was written before armor dyes came out… just posting late.

The second contest was an Elder Scrolls lore trivia contest.  There were around 15 questions of medium to hard difficulty typed into group chat with a last question for the top two players.  Ri’Zharim won the contest with six correct answers.  A sample question-

“When Redguards arrived in Hammerfell, they arrived in the midst of a war between which two races?”  (Nord and Altmer)

Besides all this, we are still holding profession swaps occasionally, and we have a PVP night scheduled for this week!  If you are interested in joining our Aldmeri guild, please contact @Chatmay or @Showlor.