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Screenshots of my friend Daedric in Elder Scrolls Online.  And a poem written by him the week he became a werewolf in-game.

I’m so hungry,
I have been locked away.
In this dungeon.
Where i stay all day.

I did it myself.
Not for crime.
But to protect you.
From actually dying.


How did this happen.
I used to be fine.
The hunger grows.
I can feel it vigorously climb.

I’m getting so hungry.
I can feel the change.
I know the moon is out.
I feel so deranged.

Close-up of Fighting

Oh the pain feels so good!
As i tear off my skin.
Twitching in ecstasy.
No longer who i have been.

Come a little closer.
Unlock this door.
No leave!
Listen no more!

Bite me

When i get out,
I’ll eat your heart.
I’ll bust the door,
And Tear you apart.

Now run little rabbit, Run.
For the hunger grows.
It’s so much fun,
When they cry and run. (HOWL!)
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