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There are lots of new player guides for Elder Scrolls Online.  A lot of them go into very basic things like races, classes, etc.  Mine is instead going to list some tips and advice for those who might not have played an Elder Scrolls game before.

1.) Read the basic info on the ESO website and watch some introductory videos.

Elder Scrolls Online is a very lore-based game.  You want to at least understand the clash between the three factions and some of the history in my opinion before you choose what to play.  There are also benefits to each race, which you might want to know as well since these can be part of your talent tree.

2.) Plan beforehand what you want class type you want your character to be.

This might be a little too detailed for some players, but I found that using an ESO Skill Calculator helped me a lot.  On it, you can somewhat plan what you will use your basic skill points from leveling on, and you will get many more on top of that most likely.
ESO is not a game where you want to change your mind and reroll another character.  Leveling takes time, and respeccing takes a lot of gold.  So it helps to plan your build out beforehand.
Keep in mind that every class can do about anything, and you can wear any type of armor and use any type of weapon.

Finishing a Dolmen

3.) At the beginning (at least), loot everything.

For those that don’t know, you need motifs to craft.  You get these from looting dressers, nightstands, and desks.  You can sometimes even get rarer motifs, which sell for a ton of gold.
If you choose provisioning as a craft, which is the easiest in my opinion… also loot barrels, crates, bags, pretty much everything.  That will give you recipes and mats to make them.

4.) Learn to lockpick.

Chests you might find give you gold, items, and XP.  Learning to lockpick was frustrating for me at first.
Tips: Have your sound on to hear the clicking, and carry extra lockpicks for when you might have one break.  You can get lots of lockpicks in dungeons and off skull bosses.


I did not even know how soul gems worked until I was level 30 or 40.  They are extremely important if you die far into a quest and have no wayshrine close by.
Go to a mystic salesperson.  They sell empty soul gems for most levels.  Buy several, maybe a lot if you die a lot.
Then take the world talent Soul Trap and put it on your toolbar.  If you kill an enemy with it, you get a soul gem.  There is also a templar healer talent called Master Ritualist  that gives you chance of getting a soul gem when you resurrect.

Costume Happy

6.) Join guild(S)

You can join up to five guilds in this game, which is amazing.  You can have a trade guild, a PVE guild, a PVP guild, etc.  Because there are multiple guilds you might be in, guild chat is: /g1, /g2, /g3, /g4, and /g5 to talk.
The most important thing to me about joining a guild is getting into larger ones that have a guild store.  If you can’t find something anywhere, you can always try to buy it from a guildie.
Also, you can try to find a guildie to be your profession swap partner, which I go into next.
If you get into a guild with no chat or no store or at least a decent bank, you might as well leave and find something else.
I’m also pretty sure you can get extra XP from grouping with others but don’t quote me on that.

7.) Learn how to craft

When I started ESO, I played for over a week without fully understanding crafting.  I probably crafted 100 clothing items before I realized that that was not the way to really level it.
* Get a profession swap partner.  Maybe two or three.  The way to level is to DECONSTRUCT items.  Also, if you deconstruct other people’s crafted items that you trade for, you get around 7-8% more crafting XP than deconstructing your own.
* Don’t take on too many professions unless you really have a lot of free time.  I was leveling three professions at a certain point, and I was spending WAY too much time in the cities.  I had so many swap partners, that I was getting 25 mails of items a day.  Watch out for getting carried away with the professions.  Gathering everything also takes a lot of time.
*  Look at Tamriel Foundry’s website, crafting section.  They have a lot of information about crafting including videos.
* Don’t be afraid to put skill points into professions.  You have to put points into it to be able to use higher level mats, and I think the hireling is only useful with two or three points involved.

8.) Ask for help

Most players in ESO are really nice and helpful.  If you don’t know something, at least ask a guildie.  You might be surprised at the amount of help you can get!  Most guilds also have a website/forums, so you could ask there also.