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Updates since last post:

Well I hit V1… YAY!

Then what?  My game client broke… for 4-5 days.  Zenimax couldn’t even figure out what was wrong with it.  I had taken off a weekend to play, and it just sat there.  Then after I got it to work again, I got sick with a virus and couldn’t play for another two days.

This was a major disappointment after working so hard to get to veteran level, and I even had someone who was going to level vet levels with me waiting on me…. all went to waste.

Leveled to vet

But I came back hoping to gallop to level v10.  This has not happened, I just now hit V2 after almost a week!

First I found out that since I grinded all the way to 50/v1 that I had to go back and quest Coldharbour, which gave me practically no XP at the top level.  I had to do this to get to the main storyline though and kill Molag Bal.  Due to my limited play time lately, this took me two or three nights.

There he is… why can I not do that yet

I do not know what I am doing wrong now, but questing at veteran level is not really the way to level this apparently.  It is taking forever.  I am having trouble soloing skull bosses and even some of the public dungeons (which is rare for me), and I can never find tanks for the vet dungeons.

So this leaves Craglorn, which I grinded some to get to V2 and PVP.  I would like to PVP I guess, but I am kind of afraid to go up there alone.  Not sure what to do really.

As far as my guild, we have had some leaders in the guild gone lately, so it seems like everything is at  a halt.  I have also left a few guilds I was in to join other guilds.  I am in two smaller PVE guilds… one has no guild chat but is top in the leaderboards, and the other has a lot of community feel, but we are still leveling.  Then I am in Tamriel’s Trading Guild as well now, which is very busy.  I still can’t find anyone to sell me honeycomb though.

Crafting: I am now 50 provisioning and 50 clothing.  I am around 43 or 44 woodworking, so I will have three at max soon.  I made the mistake though of crafting several Death’s Wind sets, which I have not been able to sell to anyone.  I do not recommend.