How Armor Dyes Have Changed ESO


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Elder Scrolls Online came out with armor dyes a while back, which lets you colorize your gear using dyes that you unlock through achievements.

The result has been that instead of mainly brown, gray, and black armor.. players are now running around in all sorts of colors.

During the first week of dyes, the best change I saw was from a post from @Lily.121 on a facebook group I am on called “Elder Scrolls Online Players.”  She talked about how dramatic a difference the dye coloring made in her gear.

Some gear colors were changed during the dye design process.  So say for example you were wearing a gray robe when you logged off before the change, you might have logged on to find yourself wearing a red or pink one.

Lily’s character that she used for dye is Karesa, a VR1 imperial Aldmeri Nightblade in daedric style armor.  This is a picture of the armor she had before the dye change was made to the game:

Original Armor

When she logged on after the change, this is how she found her gear! Ew.

The Orange Is Not Black….

So she went to the dye station and changed it using Pillager Purple for the first and third dye and Thalmor Black as the second color.

The New Look!

The achievement for Pillager Purple is: EPIC ACQUIRER–  “Loot an Epic quality item.”

The achievement for Thalmor Black is: ICONOCLAST– “You thwarted perilous Daedric schemes in Grahtwood. Save Southpoint from madness. Uncover the secrets buried in the Reliquary of Stars.”

If you want to look up which achievements you need for certain dyes, this link is awesome!  It has all of them listed.

The First Server Festival In Retrospect


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Two weeks ago, ESO Festivals hosted the first ever server-wide festival for Aldmeri faction mainly- NA server.

To plan the event, ESO Festivals found several guilds to sponsor events, donate prizes, and promote the event.  Here are some activities that took place:

5pm, Fashion Show Hosted By Old Timer’s Guild

Contestants marched in front of viewers with their finest gear.

I was unable to get a list of the winners, mainly because the Old Timers did not put their full names in chat.  Please do this next time!

Fashion Show Contestants

Some of the Contestants

6pm- Lore Trivia hosted by Akear

1,500g was given to each person who won a round of the game.  3k was given to @Blosmer who won the first round of the game, and 5000g was also given to @Blosmer for answering the most questions.

There was also a Linked-in Sentences contest- a competition to see who could, using 2 items minimum, create the most funny sentence or phrase using 2 items linked in chat.

7pm- Riddle Contest hosted by ESO Festivals and Akear

A sample question:

“What force and strength cannot get through, I, with a gentle touch, can do;
And many in these twisted halls would stand, Were I not, as a friend, at hand…”

(answer: a key)

8pm- RP Play, “The Lusty Argonian”, hosted by Blue Skooma

The beginning of the play, photo by Elridge

9pm- Naked Cliff Diving held by The Order Of The Eagle

Guests left Marbruk at 9pm to head to a waterfall cliff nearby.  All contestants had to stand at the top of the cliff, and the judge (me) stood at the bottom.

After the jump, photo by Elridge

Whoever jumped the closed to me would be the winner, but we had a tie the first round.  After the jump-off, winner Arisel won 5000g.

10pm- Server Auction held by Blue Skooma

The Blue Skooma auction is a weekly event that was incorporated into the festival.

This happens every Saturday, and any Aldmeri may send @Datbokeh an item to auction off.  You post in the mail what the desired starting amount is (if your desired starting point is too close to the actual price of the item it will be returned to sender, gotta leave room for bidding, you might make less then normal price, you might make more).  Title the mail “Live Auction.”

The Blue Skooma guild takes a 10% commission of the sale, and they mail you your winnings the day after the event takes place.


All events took place in Marbruk except the cliff diving, which was NE of Marbruk.  Prizes were given for almost everything.  It was a great day for the Aldmeri!

Stay tuned for info about more upcoming ESO Festivals.

First ESO Server Festival Tomorrow


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Announcing the first event of its kind as far as anyone knows- an ESO Server Festival for the Aldmeri players.  This event is TOMORROW, Saturday, August 16th from 5pm eastern standard time to some time around 11pm or later.

This player-run festival wants to celebrate the AMAZING developers of ESO. The festival will consist of Events, Competitions, an Auction, and more. Everyone who has a character in the Aldmeri Dominion will be invited to come to this festival to socialize, sell/buy goods, and participate in competitions that will have great prizes.

There are four guilds sponsoring the festival events:
The Old Timers Guild
Blue Skooma
The Order Of The Eagle

Here is a map of Marbruk, Greenshade where all events will be centered around.  The events and times are listed on the map:

Events List

Events List

Hope to see you there!

Latest Guild Contests


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Recently my guild, <The Order of the Eagle>, held two separate events involving contests.  All three contests gave gold as the prize.

The first contest was a horse race across Auridon.  We picked this zone because of the varied levels of players in our guild and to avoid phasing.  Player Mysterious_Melon won, mostly due to his 61% speed horse!  It was a close finish though.

Before the race

On Saturday we held a guild party/social for guildies to hang out with one another.  I am still trying to work events like this out in Elder Scrolls Online since the game is missing a lot of fun things to do for social and role-playing (such as you might find in other games like WOW).  However, we did hold two contests.

Where’s the party?

The first contest was a “best gear look.”  I picked someone not participating to judge, although having a non-guildie judge would be a good idea as well.  The winner was Sjormos, who wore an armor set. *

This got him 2000g

* Note this post was written before armor dyes came out… just posting late.

The second contest was an Elder Scrolls lore trivia contest.  There were around 15 questions of medium to hard difficulty typed into group chat with a last question for the top two players.  Ri’Zharim won the contest with six correct answers.  A sample question-

“When Redguards arrived in Hammerfell, they arrived in the midst of a war between which two races?”  (Nord and Altmer)

Besides all this, we are still holding profession swaps occasionally, and we have a PVP night scheduled for this week!  If you are interested in joining our Aldmeri guild, please contact @Chatmay or @Showlor.


Being A Werewolf in ESO


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Screenshots of my friend Daedric in Elder Scrolls Online.  And a poem written by him the week he became a werewolf in-game.

I’m so hungry,
I have been locked away.
In this dungeon.
Where i stay all day.

I did it myself.
Not for crime.
But to protect you.
From actually dying.


How did this happen.
I used to be fine.
The hunger grows.
I can feel it vigorously climb.

I’m getting so hungry.
I can feel the change.
I know the moon is out.
I feel so deranged.

Close-up of Fighting

Oh the pain feels so good!
As i tear off my skin.
Twitching in ecstasy.
No longer who i have been.

Come a little closer.
Unlock this door.
No leave!
Listen no more!

Bite me

When i get out,
I’ll eat your heart.
I’ll bust the door,
And Tear you apart.

Now run little rabbit, Run.
For the hunger grows.
It’s so much fun,
When they cry and run. (HOWL!)
Creative Commons License
The Hunger by Daedric is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.
Based on a work at

Glitch Screenshot Art


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The strangest thing happened to me while questing recently… my horse and my character both stopped in midair while jumping into a building.  Everything else in game was still moving and working except for me.

I used this opportunity to do some panoramic shots of this scene.  I think this was in the Deshaan zone.

attacckkk! wait

I’m a Little Behind

Another Player Ignoring Me

The gallant hero

Awwaayyy! Glitch Bug

My ESO New Player Guide


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There are lots of new player guides for Elder Scrolls Online.  A lot of them go into very basic things like races, classes, etc.  Mine is instead going to list some tips and advice for those who might not have played an Elder Scrolls game before.

1.) Read the basic info on the ESO website and watch some introductory videos.

Elder Scrolls Online is a very lore-based game.  You want to at least understand the clash between the three factions and some of the history in my opinion before you choose what to play.  There are also benefits to each race, which you might want to know as well since these can be part of your talent tree.

2.) Plan beforehand what you want class type you want your character to be.

This might be a little too detailed for some players, but I found that using an ESO Skill Calculator helped me a lot.  On it, you can somewhat plan what you will use your basic skill points from leveling on, and you will get many more on top of that most likely.
ESO is not a game where you want to change your mind and reroll another character.  Leveling takes time, and respeccing takes a lot of gold.  So it helps to plan your build out beforehand.
Keep in mind that every class can do about anything, and you can wear any type of armor and use any type of weapon.

Finishing a Dolmen

3.) At the beginning (at least), loot everything.

For those that don’t know, you need motifs to craft.  You get these from looting dressers, nightstands, and desks.  You can sometimes even get rarer motifs, which sell for a ton of gold.
If you choose provisioning as a craft, which is the easiest in my opinion… also loot barrels, crates, bags, pretty much everything.  That will give you recipes and mats to make them.

4.) Learn to lockpick.

Chests you might find give you gold, items, and XP.  Learning to lockpick was frustrating for me at first.
Tips: Have your sound on to hear the clicking, and carry extra lockpicks for when you might have one break.  You can get lots of lockpicks in dungeons and off skull bosses.


I did not even know how soul gems worked until I was level 30 or 40.  They are extremely important if you die far into a quest and have no wayshrine close by.
Go to a mystic salesperson.  They sell empty soul gems for most levels.  Buy several, maybe a lot if you die a lot.
Then take the world talent Soul Trap and put it on your toolbar.  If you kill an enemy with it, you get a soul gem.  There is also a templar healer talent called Master Ritualist  that gives you chance of getting a soul gem when you resurrect.

Costume Happy

6.) Join guild(S)

You can join up to five guilds in this game, which is amazing.  You can have a trade guild, a PVE guild, a PVP guild, etc.  Because there are multiple guilds you might be in, guild chat is: /g1, /g2, /g3, /g4, and /g5 to talk.
The most important thing to me about joining a guild is getting into larger ones that have a guild store.  If you can’t find something anywhere, you can always try to buy it from a guildie.
Also, you can try to find a guildie to be your profession swap partner, which I go into next.
If you get into a guild with no chat or no store or at least a decent bank, you might as well leave and find something else.
I’m also pretty sure you can get extra XP from grouping with others but don’t quote me on that.

7.) Learn how to craft

When I started ESO, I played for over a week without fully understanding crafting.  I probably crafted 100 clothing items before I realized that that was not the way to really level it.
* Get a profession swap partner.  Maybe two or three.  The way to level is to DECONSTRUCT items.  Also, if you deconstruct other people’s crafted items that you trade for, you get around 7-8% more crafting XP than deconstructing your own.
* Don’t take on too many professions unless you really have a lot of free time.  I was leveling three professions at a certain point, and I was spending WAY too much time in the cities.  I had so many swap partners, that I was getting 25 mails of items a day.  Watch out for getting carried away with the professions.  Gathering everything also takes a lot of time.
*  Look at Tamriel Foundry’s website, crafting section.  They have a lot of information about crafting including videos.
* Don’t be afraid to put skill points into professions.  You have to put points into it to be able to use higher level mats, and I think the hireling is only useful with two or three points involved.

8.) Ask for help

Most players in ESO are really nice and helpful.  If you don’t know something, at least ask a guildie.  You might be surprised at the amount of help you can get!  Most guilds also have a website/forums, so you could ask there also.


Starting Over


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There has been a steady decline in members of Shoddycaste for about a month.

The guild was started by the hosts of the youtube Shoddycast show.  But first, Josh had left a scathing review of the game, which angered a lot of members.  Then Kyle quit the game for now for other pursuits.  He left me as Guildleader.

The remaining guild members decided to make a new guild with a new name, and we have been inviting everyone over to it.  We are also going to start recruiting for it.  The name is: The Order of the Eagle.  I have also made some new officers, so it is almost like starting over.

Here is our cool new site:

Hopefully this will put an end to the drama and let us get a fresh start.

I’m Veteran Rank… Help


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Updates since last post:

Well I hit V1… YAY!

Then what?  My game client broke… for 4-5 days.  Zenimax couldn’t even figure out what was wrong with it.  I had taken off a weekend to play, and it just sat there.  Then after I got it to work again, I got sick with a virus and couldn’t play for another two days.

This was a major disappointment after working so hard to get to veteran level, and I even had someone who was going to level vet levels with me waiting on me…. all went to waste.

Leveled to vet

But I came back hoping to gallop to level v10.  This has not happened, I just now hit V2 after almost a week!

First I found out that since I grinded all the way to 50/v1 that I had to go back and quest Coldharbour, which gave me practically no XP at the top level.  I had to do this to get to the main storyline though and kill Molag Bal.  Due to my limited play time lately, this took me two or three nights.

There he is… why can I not do that yet

I do not know what I am doing wrong now, but questing at veteran level is not really the way to level this apparently.  It is taking forever.  I am having trouble soloing skull bosses and even some of the public dungeons (which is rare for me), and I can never find tanks for the vet dungeons.

So this leaves Craglorn, which I grinded some to get to V2 and PVP.  I would like to PVP I guess, but I am kind of afraid to go up there alone.  Not sure what to do really.

As far as my guild, we have had some leaders in the guild gone lately, so it seems like everything is at  a halt.  I have also left a few guilds I was in to join other guilds.  I am in two smaller PVE guilds… one has no guild chat but is top in the leaderboards, and the other has a lot of community feel, but we are still leveling.  Then I am in Tamriel’s Trading Guild as well now, which is very busy.  I still can’t find anyone to sell me honeycomb though.

Crafting: I am now 50 provisioning and 50 clothing.  I am around 43 or 44 woodworking, so I will have three at max soon.  I made the mistake though of crafting several Death’s Wind sets, which I have not been able to sell to anyone.  I do not recommend.